Mommies at School

I’m really loving fetching Z to school. Not only do I get to be a hands on mom like I wanted to be but I also get to meet other moms that share the same experience. We are in the same age bracket and we get along just fine. We are even making plans on how to make the waiting less boring. We plan to bring snacks to school so we can have something to munch on as we chat with each other. We even want to go swimming sometime in the future. I don’t know if it will actually push through but who knows maybe we’ll just muster the courage to pack our things and just go out. We are excited with the different activities for this school year especially on their first ever field trip. We are like school girls going to school all over again only this time we’re grown up and it’s our children going to school. I certainly missed the friends I met at school and I’m glad I’m meeting some new friends at Z’s school.

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