Off to Binan for Lola's Birthday

Our long delayed trip to Binan will finally push through and it’s just about time because today is my lola’s birthday and we’re going to visit her. It will be a long trip and with four of us and a dog traveling it surely will be tiring. We will put Chewee in his dog cage and board a bus and I hope he doesn’t bark all the way like he did last time. It was really embarrasing when he barks. Last time we were directly sitted behind the bus driver and I swear the driver jolts every time Chewee barks. He might be a small shih tzu but his bark can rival the average sized dog.
I’m still wondering what I will give to my beloved lola who raised me single-handedly. If there’s one thing I regret staying at home and not having a career it’s when I think of her and how I can’t give her things she deserves after working for 25 years. I’ll give her some fruits and a birthday cake but I wish I can give her more.

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