Jon and Kate Plus 8

When we still had cable I like watching Jon and Kate plus 8. I was fascinated at how could anyone manage to raise a twin and a set of sextuplet at the same time. It was definitely mind-boggling to a mother with one child like myself. As I watched I learned that it was chaotic as expected but I was still impressed at how they were dealing with it. Then I heard a lot of negative press about them. Now I heard they have some marital issues that involve cheating by both parties and it’s just a sad news because they have so many kids. I wonder what will happen to all the kids if they divorce. One thing is for sure the title of their show won’t be Jon & Kate Plus 8 anymore.

Here are some of their pictures during happy times. The kids are all so cute and adorable! I can’t believe they’re going to give it all up.

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