Tikoy Addiction

My husband surprised me the other day with tikoy. To say that I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. I have discovered tikoy through my husband when we were still dating and I loved it ever since. I only get to eat tikoy once a year during Chinese New Year even though I would like to eat it more often than than. The reason, well, i don’t see tikoys being sold unless it’s around that time. We don’t live anywhere near Binondo where I think they might be sold all year round. I asked my husband where he got it and he told me he bought it from a vendor by the road. I scolded him saying he shouldn’t have bought tikoy just anywhere, he should buy it from groceries where they should sell tikoy with better quality and not by the side of the road – this is a once-a-year event after all and we should eat only the “best” tikoy around. Well, a few hours later I put my big foot inside my mouth because it might be cheap but it still tasted so yummy that I have eaten 1/4 of it and still eyeing the remaining tikoys. With all the self-restraint I could muster that tikoy lasted only two days after which I told my husband we have to buy another one because the Chinese New Year will be over and we might not be able to buy another one until next year. We went by the same vendor where he bought the first one and asked how much it is. The vendor told us it’s P55.00 and my husband said it’s P5.00 more than the first one he bought. Afraid that this might be the last tikoy we’ll be able to buy we bought it anyway although we have a feeling that she’s ripping us off. That second tikoy was as yummy as the first one and was gone again after two days – the actual day for the Chinese New Year. I woke up early this morning and I YMed my husband and told him to not forget to buy another tikoy. He wholeheartedly agreed and promised he will pass by the same vendor on the way home. But alas, he was too late. When my husband arrived, he gravely informed me there were no more tikoys being sold by the road. huhu Why we didn’t buy two or even five tikoys when we had the chance is beyond me. So I guess, my love affair for tikoy has once again been halted and will be in hibernation for a year. Till next year, my beloved tikoy!

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