Our Very Own Shih Tzu


His name is Chewie. We just got him last 4th of January as an early present for our son. It was not planned at all and we were so hesitant to get him but he was being sold by the side of the road. We were inside the tricycle and I suddenly asked the driver to stop. We got out and there were only two puppies left. To make a long story short, we went home with a two-month old puppy that afternoon. We have no dog food and the owner was kind enough to give us some. He even sold us his dog cage for a low price just so we can take him home. The first night we weren’t able to sleep because of his constant barking. Upon further research, I was already fearful we got the wrong dog. The other pup we left behind was less active than him and I thought he would be more even-tempered. But now that we have him for four days already, I discovered that he’s such a great dog. He only barks when it’s time to poo and nothing else. He would stay quietly inside his crate and would not even bark to ask for food. He’s not meek though because when we oOn his third day with us, we were able to leave him behind. It’s still not a smooth ride because I’m still having some difficulty in housetraining him but since he tells me when he’s about to I’m sure he’ll figure out in the future where he’s supposed to do it.
The whole family is having fun watching him. When he runs, he slips on the floor and falls flat on his face. He tickles us by licking us all over. If only we have a yard, I would definitely like to have another one. But he’s enough for now. Chewie is indeed a nice addition to our family.

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