My New Digicam is on the Way

I wanted the cheapest digital camera but will take some nice pictures too. After months of research – I didn’t want to part with my money then regret it – I finally decided on a Canon Poweshot A590 IS. It’s an 8 megapixel camera, with 4 times optical zoom, and is running on a Digic III processor. What’s more it’s compatible with CHDK which is a software called Canon Hacker’s Development Kit that can improve the features of your digital camera without a single cost. Its downloadable free on the internet. So I had made up my mind already as early as November. I found that camera being sold at and tipidpc for P8,000-P8,500. I was still hesitant to buy it at that price, it was still too steep for me. We have money in the bank but I’m just cheap – didn’t want to part with it because money is not growing on trees like my grandmother said. Anyway, last early December I found the cheapest deal. Gadget grocery was selling it for only P6,800. It’s brand new, comes with service and parts warranty, and free delivery. I quickly ordered online but was crushed when they told me it’s already out of stock. They said they would get new stocks after the holidays are over. So I waited and guess what, I got an email telling me that their new stocks have arrived and if I was still interested I can order again at their website. I did just that and am now waiting for their text message for the actual delivery date. I’m so excited! I can’t wait. I’m tired of using my Sony Cybershot 800i in taking our pictures. Come to think of it, my phone is more expensive than my digicam. If I only knew then I would have bought a cheaper phone then bought a digicam as early as last year. Regrets, regrets!

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