My New Camera

Yesterday was my son’s birthday and I was still waiting for my new digicam to arrive. I wanted to use it particularly for this occasion but there was still no word from Gadget Grocery. So I emailed them and was shocked to find out they did deliver it four days ago but there was no one in the house to receive it. I told them I didn’t receive any text message and volunteered to pick it up. They promptly called me saying that they could deliver today at around 5pm and so I thought it was better late than never. It seems they weren’t able to give my correct phone number to their messenger so he wasn’t able to inform me. I, on the other hand, forgot to take my phone with me so it was never meant to be delivered early. Shortly after 5pm the messenger did arrive and we were so happy that we finally have our own Canon Powershot a590.
Here are some pictures.



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