How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress Blog

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for website owners and bloggers to track the visitors of their websites. I’ve just finished installing Google Analytics in my WordPress blog and it is so easy. Here’s how:

1. Sign up for an account at Google Analytics or you can sign in with your existing Google account.
2. Enter the information required from your website.
3. You will then be asked to copy a tracking code to your blog but it will be easier if you download Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. It is in .zip format and there’s no need to extract it, you can upload it just like that.
4. Sign in to your wordpress account, click on Plugin, then click on Add New.
5. Find Install a plugin in .zip format, click on browse, and upload the plugin.
6. Check your WordPress Dashboard if it has been installed. If yes, click on Google Analytics in your Dashboard under Plugins and you will be able to configure your plugin. You need to add Analytics User Account before it will work.
7. To find the Analytics User Account, go to your Google Analytics Overview page and under Website Profiles you can see your blog name there’s a number that starts with UA. That’s your Analytics User Account. Just copy and paste.
8. To find if the plugin has been installed properly, refresh your Google Analytics Overview page. The status should display a clock icon which means it has been installed. You have to wait 24 hours to get some data.

Hope this helps. At first I just wanted to copy and paste the code myself to my template but after 30 minutes of searching where to find the (/body) tag in my template (I just switched to WordPress and switched from free host to paid host so I’m still not familiar with the cPanel and stuff) I still can’t find it. Good thing I found this Google Analytics Plugin and it was so much easier to install.

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