Electric Bill Shock

I’ve got our electric bill today and got the shock of my life it’s under P1000. I thought P1000 was as low as we can get with all the appliances that we have but I was wrong. I heard in the news that the electric rate has gone down but that’s not the reason it’s down to P645.00. The real reason was we almost stopped watching television. I was addicted to TV before and my day was not complete without those TV programs I frequently watch but I was able to realize I can live without it. Internet has replaced my TV watching and it’s still an “addiction” but at least I’m earning. The other reason must also be the cold weather that we’re experiencing. Here in the Philippines, our fans are turned on 24 hours a day because of the heat. Every home has a fan and every room in every home has it’s own fan. Lately, we’ve been turning off the fan and enjoying the cool breeze. It’s too cold at night though and as a result my husband got sick. Z and I almost got sick too but thankfully I was able to prevent it from continuing.
We have not turned on our AC unit for a while and S is thinking of putting it back in the box. I don’t want him to because I know summer is only a few months away and it it’s as hot as it’s as cold right now, then we’ll certainly be fried up here in our apartment. So for now, I’m enjoying this cool weather. It almost feels like I’m having a vacation in Baguio especially at night!

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