I Lost my Wedding ring at a Wedding

Oh no! I lost my wedding ring! We were out the whole day because we attended the wedding of my college friend. A few blocks away from our apartment I suddenly noticed that the finger where my wedding ring was supposed to be was bare. I didn’t panic or whatever but I felt like a cold hand held my heart. I was wishing for it to be just inside my bag but deep inside I knew it was unlikely. When we arrived, I immediately searched my bag and sure enough it was not there. I had a nice time attending the wedding and being somewhere different but I wish my wedding ring didn’t have to be lost. S was cool about it and I try to get it out of my mind but when I see his ring I automatically remember mine. sigh!

2 thoughts on “I Lost my Wedding ring at a Wedding

  1. grace

    i’m sorry. that is so terrible. i almost lost mine down the drain cause i’m getting so thin that it doesn’t fit properly anymore. good thing i caught it just before it fell.i hope yours turns up some place unexpected

  2. Marie

    Oh, that’s sad. I remember when my second child was 2. I was looking for my ring and she claimed she played with it, dropped it by the window and the dog ate the ring! Luckily, it was just a tall tale and my mo found it by the altar :)


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