Christmas Plans

I can’t believe it’s only a FEW days before Christmas! We are likely to spend it here at our apartment instead of our parent’s house because S had to go to work at Christmas Eve. We’re not really sad that he won’t be with us because our family is always together anyway. He goes to work at night while we are sleeping and by the time we wake up we only have to wait a few hours and he’s home so for Z and me we hardly ever miss him. Anyway, my dilemma is what food am I going to cook for Christmas Eve? With only three people to feed, the third a toddler at that I have to cook just enough so that no food will be wasted. What we’re really excited is the New Year. It’s pretty big for us because it’s also S’s birthday. Z already has a surprise letter for his dad which he has painstakingly written. I’m sure S will appreciate it because he knows Z is still struggling with his writing lessons. Me, I’m thinking of buying my hubby a watch. As for li’l old me – well, all I want for Christmas is my family but it wouldn’t be bad to have that digital camera I like!

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