Trip to the Dentist

I just came by the dentist to have my tooth pulled. Silly me, I didn’t get to use my medicard because the dentist I went to was not accredited by Medicard. I thought it doesn’t need to be pulled, so I went to that dentist because I will have to pay anyway. If I went to another dentist that was accredited I could have it pulled for free. The dentist also told me I need a root canal procedure on my front tooth because it’s already dead due to some trauma, and it doesn’t come cheap either. I hate going to the dentist but it seems we are going to see each other some time again soon.

3 thoughts on “Trip to the Dentist

  1. Lux

    This is Luxor’s mom: I feel for you, because I’ve been having a lot of dental work done also – tooth by tooth, because it’s so expensive, even with insurance! :-/Best wishes …

  2. texas_sweetie

    yeah life’s like that,mouth jobs seem to never end.I just had my 3 wisdom teeth extracted and spent over a thousand dollars for it,ain’t cheap at all.Thanks to the insurance though

  3. Dianne

    I can totally empathize.. unfortunately for me the dental surgery that I’m having next week has cost me $15,000 – that’s a huge ouchie since we didn’t have any dental coverage, and the coverage we could get wouldn’t have covered the surgery anyway.


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