Problems and Bad News

I really like living on our own and not depending on our parents or relatives. The down side, however, is we are living quite far away from them so we don’t get to visit them that often. Within the last 3 months, my mom and my aunt both had an operation to remove a cyst from their cervix. We were only able to visit my mom once and my aunt, we didn’t even get to visit at all. Just this morning, I received a text message from my mom that my grandma is scheduled to have her own operation. She wants us to stay with my grandma for a while to take care of her. During these times, how I wish we just live near our relative’s house. If only S could find a job there, but it’s not that easy to transfer jobs.
By the way, a few hours after I got the text message, I received a call from my husband’s brother that a relative passed away and my SIL is in the hospital because of a pregnancy scare. I wonder when all the bad news will end?

3 thoughts on “Problems and Bad News


    Oh no… I’m feeling your angst. 🙁 It’s hard when we live far from our family.Hugs and I hope the next text you get is a positive one.

  2. Anah

    I can relate to your post. For these past few months, people are dying on us. People who are close to our heart as well. Like you- I’m wondering when all this bad news is going to stop. :(Anyway, got your link thru my entrecard dashboard. Thanks for stopping by and I’m sure it’ll get better. Good luck to you and to your family. :)Take care,Anah


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