Missing Cat

Oh my, our cat is missing! My husband brought her out to the playground so she can get some sunshine but then she ran away and until now we couldn’t find her.I am really worried because that cat knows nothing about the outside world, in fact, this is only the second time she ventured out of our compound. The first time she found her way back home because she was just at the gate. Now, we thought she would be able to come back but it’s already the second day and still no sign of her. Stray cats have to rummage for food to survive, but Muning, is such a picky eater I am not sure she will survive. She only eats cat food or sometimes our leftover viand, she wouldn’t even eat rice. Adding to my concern is that it has been raining for two days now and I wonder where she takes shelter, she has been used to a comfortable life here in our apartment. My husband told me not to worry too much because cats are good survivors. Sure, there are no more cat feces to clean and no more scratches on our sofa but when I see her plate and leftover cat food I terribly miss her and worry about her. I’m still hoping she’ll be able to find her way home soon.

A few hours after I published this post, about 3am in the morning, I heard a familiar meowing sound outside. I opened the door and sure enough Muning was there. She was lost for almost two days. I was really proud of her for finding her way back home. I immediately snapped this picture of her on her bed – oh, wait, that’s my curtain! Muning!

8 thoughts on “Missing Cat

  1. Zoe

    don’t worry too much cats are pretty tough my 8 year old cat had never gone outside at all before 2 years ago… I didnt let him go since he has no claws and I thought the neighborhood cats would fight with him but a few days after he started going outside he brought us back a bird as a present :S even without his claws!!! I’m sure your kitty will be alright 🙂

  2. Grr, Midnight & Cocoa

    My friend’s cat escaped and was gone for a while too. The kitty didn’t know anything about the outside. They put things that smelled like their house outside, to guide the cat back home (dirty laundry, towels, etc.). Plus they left some treats outside too. The kitty did find her way back, and I hope yours does too.

  3. LadyJava

    Oh I’m so glad your cat came back..i would have been worried sick too… I have six kitties of my own so I think I know exactly what you were feeling 🙂

  4. Daisy

    I am very glad Muning made it home safely. I am Not Allowed outside unless I wear my harness and leash, or I am in my special cat stroller.

  5. paula

    Thank you so much for all your concern and kind words. I didn’t even realize this post has comments and six at that, until now. Muning is doing great and back her old spot which is on top of our TV.

  6. jellybelly

    Cats are great survivors where ever they find themselves and I hear a lot of stories about cats finding their way back home no matter how far away they get lost. Happy your cat got home 🙂


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