Acoustic DI Box

The routine is always the same, every morning my hubby always listens and sings to some of his favorite songs and artists. After that, if there still time in the morning, he plays his acoustic, semi-hollowbody and solidbody guitar. He has all of these expensive guitars but he doesn’t have any of the acoustic di box which I heard this is his next target to buy. Go on hubby I’m here for you.

Printer and Printing Materials

By visiting this website they give me an idea of putting up a small printing business for my extra income. I didn’t see any problem with this; our place is surrounded by schools, universities and establishments. For the quality printer and printing materials can be purchased from zooprinting, they have everything that needs in printing business that make us succeed.

Printed Waterproof Tablecloth

Ever since, I used to place different colors and designs of tablecloth on our dining table. I normally change it two or three times a week, it depends if there are stains, dirt already. You can’t see the top of my table without the cover. With my new set of dining table I also want to buy printed waterproof tablecloth to make it easier for me since I have two kids because its  waterproof I can just wipe it and stains will immediately vanish.

Student Euphoniums

There are so many popular brands of euphonium that makes any student confused in selecting their first instrument. Students may asked yourself if you can decide what is the best euphoniums for you, if so then go, just be wise in choosing, you might get the wrong one. I also say that you can get the best of student euphoniums at guitar center at its reasonable price.

Way-Huge-Electronics Effects

We all know that guitar is the most popular instrument in the world. It has become part of almost any music style in the world. It’s a beautiful instrument, passionate and with the right player, it could create some of the sweetest sounds. To hear it with the way-huge-electronics effects it sounds like what I’m used to playing, a little rough that’s what I want, it’s something much more with the oink oink.

Reid Supply

There are many companies providing industrial supplies, but as a customer we always want to be satisfied and contented with the products and services offered by them. I’ve known one company that is not only famous for the products they offer but also how they handle their customers. Just try Reid Supply and you will be their first priority, you will experience the good relationship and services. From this company you don’t have to worry about looking around what you need, just call and get all what you want.

Three Men In My Life

“Men In My Life”

I’m such a lucky woman
Folks don’t understand
How I handle so much loving
From more than one man
Ask me how I do it
My time’s in such demand
From sunrise down to sunset
Do the best that I can

‘Cause I know that I could never choose just one
‘Cause the three men in my life
They’re my husband and my sons yes
Tell you one is tall and handsome
One is full of life
The big one steals my covers
In the middle of the night
Each one swears they need me
And I believe they’re right
‘Cause the young ones call me Mommy
And the other calls me wife
And I never knew that I could love as much
‘Cause the three men in my life
They’re my husband and my sons
Hush, hush, hush, hush
Hush, hush, hush, hush, now
Oh someday they’re gonna leave me
Gonna strike out on their own
Off to raise a family
Little babies of their own
I’ll be here with daddy
Just as happy as you please
To watch the branches growing on our family tree
And I know that I could never love just one
Never knew that I could ever love so much
And I know that I could never in my life
‘Cause the three men in my life
Are my husband and my sons
Hush, hush, hush, hush
Zyke & Hubby
Zach & Hubby


Wireless Dog Fence

My mom has thirteen female brown dogs of mixed breed in her house; taking care of big number of dogs is not a joke. If we visited her I always saw her busy with her lovely dogs. Her favorite dog was named puppy and next is pampam and so on. There was a time that mom was looking for her missing dog, run after the dogs because her dog always finds a way to get out from the backyard. From that then I was thinking of a wireless dog fence for her pets to make it easier for her. I’m just wondering how mom handles everything alone with her thirteen dogs. She loves all her pets and I can see how closed all the pets with my mom.

Yamaha 76 key Keyboard With USB Connectivity

After a couple weeks of waiting for the keyboard to arrive my eagerness is there, as if I could not wait the day as promised. When finally I’ve got the keyboard I spent the whole night playing my exceptional yamaha 76 key keyboard with usb connectivity at musicians friend. It sounds nice and can get pretty loud. This 76 keys is more like a replacement piano, this is what Yamaha made it.